Hill Trackr

A hands-free, hill plotting app

What is Hill Trackr?

Hill trackr is a hands free hill plotting app that places markers on the users map. This event happens when the users phone rotates or tilts past a certain degree.

Who uses Hill Trackr?

Hill trackr's intended use was for the offroad community to find and share trails and obsticles and help create a uniform rating difficulty. Hill Trackr also works with cyclist and other Mechanical devices with a secure phone mount.

How does it work?

On top of some Javascript, Hill Trackr follows an MVC model with 3 main components too it: Fb React, Api, MySQL + Apache


React implements one-way reactive data flow which reduces boilerplate and is easier to reason about than traditional data binding.


Google maps Api allow for ploting and position tracking. Phone Orientation listeners are used to determine the phones tilt and rotate degrees.


MySQL and Apache allow use of a database to store the markers. The markers are stored by their latitude and longiture and are parsed through xml.

Try it out!!!