A Math based alarm clock

What is GetUp?

GetUp is an alarm clock web application that lets the user set an alarm to fill various needs. When the alarm goes off, the Application produces a "Heavy Metal" ring tone, and creates a math question that requires solving before the alarm can be turned off.

Who uses GetUp?

GetUp is the perfect alarm clock to get users out of bed who usually press the snooze button or set multiple alarms and fall back asleep after each. The combination of a simple math question and the heavy metal music is the perfect combination to get users awake on the first try.

Why did we make it?

GetUp was made to test out unique and unorthodoxed user interfaces. The design is inspired from the classic "Rotary Phone", that is unrecognizable by most kids nowadays. The math question combined with the alarm aspect makes it a very functional utility applicaiton.

How does it work?

GetUp was one of my first attempts at a Javascript application without the use of a framework. Instead I convinced my teammate that we should try it with the HTML5 Canvas element.

HTML5 - Canvas

The HTML5 Canvas element is used as a container for all of the graphical elements and serves as the V (view) in the MVC model.


Javascript was used to create all of the graphical elements used with GetUp. In addition to custom logic and scripting, we used a drag.js framework to speed up the reading of touch screen gestures.


We have a small audio portion in the project, however due to a short timeframe we were unable to bypass the iPhone restrictions that allow audio to be played through the speakers while switched to the "Silent" position.

My role

Sean and I worked very well together on this project. At first, Sean was going to do all programing, and I was going to do all the design work, but in the end we ended up splitting both tasks very well.

Try it out!!!

Sorry, but this app only works with touch screens. You can bypass this by opening the inspector and switching the mode to a mobile device, or opening this link in your phone