The interactive Egg

What is Muna?

Muna is an interactive instalment that expresses "If nature could talk". Muna is Proto-Finic for egg.

What does Muna do?

Muna is an ambient noise reader, if the environment that she is placed in is at a suptable level, she will light up in calm, soothing colours. If her environment gets louder, she will start to palse at a faster pace. Once the room reaches a critical noise level, she will open up and flash red in hopes of getting the attention of the source of noise.

How does Muna work?

Muna listens to the ambient noise in her environment, if she deems it too loud, she'll open up and flash red.

Piston system

Muna uses a single servo motor to operate the central piston. The piston works in conjunction with a cantalever system to open up the egg shell.


Inside the shell lies an Arduino Uno that converts data gathered from a noise sensor. The processed data is filled and converted to change the output of an RGB LED strand.


Muna was made in Solidworks to ensure that her piston mechanism would function. Her 114 pieces were then exported and she was laser cut out of 1/4 mdf for precision fitting.

My Role

In a group of 3, I ended up taking lead in designing, modeling and constructing Muna. I gained inspiration from the films Robocot and Alien, and tried to make Muna appear Creepy and Gory. However I ended up using a simetrical shape to reach the deadline. I put around 80 hours into Solidworks creating and testing different mechanisms to open the shell. I ended up getting inspiration from car suspensions that use cantilever systems.

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