Spotify Concerts

Getting tickets into the hands of true fans


In July 2016, Spotify announced that they would begin releasing emails containing pre-release concert tickets to super fans. After receiving very few updates in the following months, my team and I took it up as a project in our Experience Design Course to design a new concert experience for Spotify Users. In the end, we created an experience platform that covers the Discovery, Assurance, Engagement, and Reflection phases with a goal of making ticket purchasing as exciting as attending the concert itself.

Main Roles : User Experience (UX) and Prototype Development

Team : Jane Wong, Valerie Cheng, Danny Blackstock, Cyrus Lau

Project Duration : 4 Weeks

Customer Journey Framework

In our research phase, we discovered 4 customer frictions, within our customer journey framework that we would be able to resolve. The first focused on helping fans find concerts by bringing all the information into a single app. The second friction involved painful seat selection and purchasing processes that could be simplified with an updated user experience. And the fourth friction we found was the "crash and burn" that many fans experience after seeing their favourite artist or band perform. Our solution for this friction was a post-concert section where fans could relive parts of the concert.


Based on Spotify's extensive data collection on user listening patterns, we would be able to recommend artists and concerts to users who actually enjoy the music.

Becoming a "Certified Fan" would be our way of saying "We know you like this Artist, here is a pre-sale code so you can go see them live".


Getting a seat that fits your needs and budget should not be a chore. If selecting through different sorting options still isn't providing enough information, there is always selecting from our Map View.


The days leading into the concert is where the excitement should start to be building up. A concert "Hype" section would allow fans to hear a potential set list and focus on learning the words to every song.


The days following the concert can often feel dim and blue. It could be years before you see your favourite artist again, so what are you to do? The ability to reflect and relive some of the experience would help with the withdrawal, and what better way is there to do this then by listening to music or purchasing that shirt you really wanted.

Ending Notes

This was the final project of my IAT 438 course, the top Product Design course offered at SFU. My team and I initially took on Ticketmaster as our client, with a goal of re-designing their ticket purchasing process by partnering with Spotify. At the end of the project we realized that what started out as a Ticketmaster project finished as a Spotify project, which is why I chose to present it here as a Spotify Project.

Project Slides